Versatile Product Designer. Elevating Tech Startups with Intuitive Design Solution

I’m Amjad, a Product Designer dedicated to refining and reshaping tech startups through intuitive and strategic design. With over 5 years in the field, I transform brand and user experiences across web and mobile platforms.



Product (UI/UX) Design | Mobile App & Landing page


Vampr Web

Product Design | Social App & Ed-tech

Vampr-design system

Vampr Inspire DS

Design System | App & Web



Product Design | SaaS Web App & Landing page

Other Projects

Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of working on 30+ projects, end to end, and here are a few selected ones.





Kikker Energie

Aghouatim Group


More Work


I’m Amjad Arif, a Designer from Morocco πŸ‡²πŸ‡¦ and an INTJ who loves working with Tech startups to help build their presence from the ground up. I love helping other designers though mentoring session.
Driven by a passion for entrepreneurship and management, I have founded my own businesses and contributed as a founding designer in others. Through these experiences, I’ve honed my ability to design innovative solutions while maintaining a focus on business profitability and growth.

Little background

After completing a four-year civil engineering bachelor degree at Jiangsu University in China, I discovered my passion for creating WordPress websites using Elementor. I started helping friends launch their businesses and even developed several e-commerce sites.

As a freelance brand and web designer, I also began learning frontend development, which opened the door to the world of UI/UX design. I was immediately hooked and have been pursuing it ever since….


Josh Simons CEO @ Jaxsta

As CEO of Jaxsta and Vampr, I can confidently endorse Amjad's UI/UX skills and work ethic as the ongoing lead for our business in these areas. His designs consistently combine intuitive usability with aesthetic appeal, making him a strong asset to any project. His professionalism, creativity, and knack for problem-solving speak volumes about his expertise, and his input is undoubtedly beneficial.

Fons Mans Founder @ APEX

Working with Amjad has been a blast, his positive attitude, forward thinking ideas and ability to execute on a high level helped us build and grow the 10xDesigners brand in a very short time.

Meshari Alsuhaibani Founder @ Nebu

Great been working with you, awesome work and I like your engagement and collaboration to the project. Best designer ever worked with.

Nahar COO @ Codecraft

Amjad is a talented guy who knows what to do. I'm really grateful for the time that our lives crossed paths and I got to know him. This is not my first project with him, and it won't be the last. Every time he surprises me with great work. Keep it going, Amjad.

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