UZD, a development agency located in Saudi Arabia, prefers to handle everything in-house, including servers and strategy. They’ve reached out to us to create an internal management dashboard for their clients and project managers.


Product designer (Me)
Engineering team (3 devs)


πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’» Lead Product Design
🧐 Design QA


Prior to kicking things off, UZD didn’t have a website in place. Consequently, we decided to set up a straightforward portfolio to enhance the convenience for our clients when accessing the dashboard.

UZD is a team of incredibly dedicated developers. When we first started working together, it was a bit challenging to pinpoint exactly what they needed. So, I decided to embark on a comprehensive research journey. I reached out to project managers in various agencies to understand the challenges they face in their daily work. Additionally, I spoke to some of their clients to gain a clear understanding of their desires and help them avoid the need for phone calls or messages to request changes on their project.

After extensive discussions and diligent research with some clients, I adopted a straightforward strategy in designing the dashboard. My main objective was to guarantee a highly user-friendly experience, especially for tasks like ticket creation and assistance requests. This choice was motivated by our dedication to improving the simplicity and effectiveness of the clients’ interactions with the dashboard. By simplifying the ticket creation and request submission process, our aim is to make their experience smoother and efficient communication, ultimately leading to a more productive and gratifying user journey.

“The client needs a clear understanding of what’s happening in their project.”

In the design phase, I ensured that the dashboard’s objective was consistently met on each page. Additionally, I crafted various sections within the dashboard, such as Billing, Projects, Credits, Notifications, and Settings.


In summary, the development team is currently implementing the designs I prepared, while I conduct design quality assurance at each milestone. I achieve this by directly inspecting the code in the browser and promptly sharing any necessary fixes with the team. This approach greatly facilitates collaboration with the developers and saves a significant amount of time in achieving pixel-perfect designs.

Following the launch of the UZD hub, we aim to greatly enhance the client experience in project management and decrease the weekly client call hours by a minimum of 10 to 20 hours.

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